Endiro Coffee Limited

Restaurant | Coffee brewing

Company Name: Endiro Coffee Ltd

Country: Uganda

Industry: Coffee brewing restaurant

Challenges: Invoicing and Tax Compliance, Shops management

Apps Implemented: Odoo Point of Sale, Sal​es, Invoicing, KOLA EFRIS, Employees, Contacts, Accounting, Purchases

Endiro Coffee, founded in 2011, is the largest coffee brewing firm in Uganda, with subsidiaries in neighboring countries, including the United States. The organization began with a singular vision of eradicating child vulnerability through the business of coffee and its connected goods, earnings, services, locations, and stories.

Invoicing and Tax compliance

Odoo is a powerful tool that has the Point of Sale module and the Accounting module that can integrate with URA’s EFRIS system to automatically sync daily transactions to the EFRIS portal, eliminating the inefficiencies of manually entering transactions in multiple systems.

Shops Management

The need to manage multiple shop outlets or branches in various locations.

Endiro is a coffee bar and restaurant chain with over 14 outlets in various parts of the country. Our Odoo POS solution centralized management and control of the many stores, providing authorized personnel visibility and secure access to all store records.

The POS module shortens the sales process, increasing efficiency and effectiveness at the shop outlets, which mostly deal with walk-in customers. This leads to an increase in productivity.


With Odoo, Endiro has successfully streamlined its operations, from purchases and sales to tax compliance and inventory management. Odoo's flexible and robust solution has empowered Endiro to efficiently manage their unique operations, leading to increased productivity and business growth. Odoo's success with endiro is a testament to the power and versatility of their system, capable of addressing unique business challenges and providing solutions that drive success.

Kola Admin November 2, 2023
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